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Are You Looking To Create A New Stream Of Income Or Gain More Clarity In Life?

Our services are geared towards the aspiring entrepreneur, ready to take that next step towards gaining their own income but not sure where to begin. Our 1:1 Coaching package walks you through the process of starting a business, helps you solidify financial & creative goals, and COMPLETELY prepares you for the launch(re-launch) of your brand. If you’re looking for motivational & wellness encouragement we offer that as a focus as well. This is a 1:1 in-depth mentorship bundle for only $149, which includes 4 weekly meetings to your convenience. This is a lifelong connection so once your bundle expires, feel free to contact us and ask for advice.

Have You Already Started Your Journey Into Entrepreneurship?

If so, is it making you the money you desire? If not, then you’re currently missing out on the different fountains of income you could be easily obtaining. Utilizing different services and products are a key trait to bringing income into your business, instead of coming out-of-pocket for your start-up costs. Our Creative Content Bundle for only $29 includes key concepts for you to begin utilizing that will bring in more income. All content is specialized to reach your target market & helps express your brand while connecting to your perfect niche.

Cheers to Divine Love, Passion, and Success.

My New Journey of Learning About Myself & Spiritual Freedom is a Gift I Want To Share With Others
— Founder Carlita "CJ" Jones

Journey with me as I learn more about self love, healing, acceptance, and being in the present. Clearing our minds of the extra things in life and focusing our energy towards light, love, and our true Ikigai. Practicing different forms of meditation, physical activities, group talks, and more. Building strength in the mind will lead to better focus, healthier relationships, and accomplishing more juicy goals in your everyday life.

We’re Looking for Brands To Share Their Stories Through Rene Relations. Interested?

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It all started when…

I came across the idea of an “Ikigai”, completely aligning with your purpose and bringing everything you desire into your life. Something that can take a lifetime to figure out but less than 2 seconds to start focusing on. Here at Rene Relations our business is to help people turn “jobs” into careers. One that is centered around self-love and giving back to the world as you share your gifts, talents, and knowledge.

My mission is to inspire you to bring more happiness, peace, and success into your life. Transform your wildest dreams into a reality, profit from your passion, and live your life to the fullest.

The Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: TEDxCoconut Grove Review

I’m an avid supporter of TED talks, along with any motivational videos, articles, podcasts or anything that can enhance my life and teach me a few things. I recently watched “The Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” by Sarah Knight, which was amazing and I highly recommend it to you. In the talk, she explains how much clutter we have in our minds and the power of getting rid of some of it.

Clutter being the events, tasks, obligations, roles, people, etc. that we feel like we have a duty or some type of connection that must remain intact. When it comes down to it we lose power, time, energy, and money by dispersing it to unwanted circumstances. Knight quit her 15-year road corporate career because it was a burden and she was no longer happy with it. She couldn’t fathom waking up everyday, taking a 45-minute commute, sitting at her desk for 8-10 hours, and then waking up and doing it again.. so she quit. (This is in no way a call to quit your job, unless your super unhappy of which is all your choice at the end of the day).

Your f*cks are your time, your energy, and your money. We should all realize and put a conscious effort into noticing where we are dispersing these things into.