Rene Relations: Behind The Brand

Rene Relations was created to inspire people to gain more streams of income through ways that infuse their passion. Using our knowledge and urge to light a fire underneath individuals to build this unique brand. Pulling in Public Relations alongside Motivational & Strategic Coaching to get all the nooks and crannies of what stops individuals from growing in their professional and personal lives.

The “Rose” symbolizes growth, ambition, and feeding something deep down so roots can grow to fruition. “Rules for Roses” is our voice, in which we share knowledge with our target audiences of different fields in order to help them dive deeper into their skills, create and complete goals that they’ve dreamed about.


Can I use your services al-a-carte?

Yes! We offer various packages, but you can always just purchase a blog post instead of a complete set.

How long is the turn-around for projects?

Depends on the timing, but normally around a week & a half for individual purchases.

How much are services?

Our services are built around a target with a budget of about $50-200 to spend towards PR & Coaching.

Founder Carlita Jones

B.A. in PR & Communications from Eastern Michigan University

Experienced in wellness, entertainment, technology, education & beauty sectors

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(313) 288-0735